About The Author – Dr. Jonas A. Horwitz

Who is Jonas A. Horwitz, PhD?
Dr. Horwitz is a Clinical Psychologist in private practice in Durham, NC where he sees individuals, couples, and leads interpersonal process groups for men.  

He attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he earned a B.A. in psychology. In 2005, he was awarded a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. He is a board certified Licensed Psychologist as well as a member of the American Psychological Association, the North Carolina Psychology Association, and The American Academy of Psychotherapists.

When not in the office, he enjoys long distance running as well as backpacking in the Appalachian mountains, along with his family, who are always kind and wait for him to catch up.

Why did Dr. Horwitz write this book?
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