Finally, a no bS guide for men who are feeling absolutely awful

Are you a man who wrestles with severe depression?

Do you want to start feeling better now?

This book has been written for men who are feeling terrible.

It speaks directly to a man who is in the middle of a horrible depression.  It has been designed to be short, clear and immediately usable.

Dr. Horwitz talks to you as though you were sitting right in front of him in his office. He will teach you how you can change the chemistry in your brain by changing how you deal with your stress. 

Your Depression Is Lying To You

Your depression is trying to convince you that you will always be miserable and there is nothing you can do about your problems.
THAT IS A LIE.  There are specific things you can do right at this very moment which will begin to help you feel better.

What Is "The Beast" Of Depression?

The Beast is the syndrome of severe depression.

It is the cynical voice of depression that whispers in your ear and tells you that there is nothing you can do.

It feeds off of your screwed-up sleeping, your constant exhaustion, your endless anxiety, your miserable mood, your ceaseless irritation, your hot anger, your inability to concentrate, the pain that courses through your body and the darkest feelings of helplessness and hopelessness that you are afraid to tell anyone about.


Symptoms Of Severe Depression & "The Beast" Of Depression

How To Steal Energy From Your Depression With "Active Listening"

How To Steal Energy From Your Depression With "Assertive Speaking"

Who Can Benefit From This Book?

Men Who Wrestle With Depression
This book has been specifically designed for men who are feeling awful, and in the grip of terrible depression. It is clear and direct and teaches a man how he can start feeling better now.

Providers Who Work With Men
(Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Therapists, Social Workers, Human Resources, Physicians, Counselors, Pastors, Family Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants). This book is a resource that will act as a complement to the on-going work you are doing with men who wrestle with severe depression.

People Who Love & Worry About A Man Who Is Depressed
This book is a great resource for those who are connected to a man who is wrestling with depression. It will help you to understand much more about what the person you care about is going through with regards to his depression. In addition, it also outlines a series of actions a man can do which will help him to start to feel better now.

What Are People Saying? Review

Stop Feeling So Damn Depressed is the perfect book for the average male who struggles with symptoms of depression. It offers a concise, an easy to digest, and an evidence-based summary of the nature of depression ("the beast"), as well as the cognitive-behavioral interventions that "starve the beast."   |  Read more at

Robert N. Golden, MD

Dean at the School of Medicine and Public Health and Processor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

"This wonderful book is a treasure trove filled with gems of meaningful, important information and guidance. For those who struggle with "the beast" of depression, it provides valuable advice that is candid and practical. The "no-nonsense" language cuts through the haze of jargon and technical talk, offering an accessible road map to remission and recovery."

Barbara J. Myers, PhD

Associate Professor Emerita and former Director of the Developmental Psychology Division at Virginia Commonwealth University.

"Dr. Horwitz knows just how miserable men with severe depression feel. A clinical psychologist, he tells specific things a man can do to feel much better, without telling the lie that depression is easy to fix. He explains what is going on in the brain that keeps depression alive and how behavioral changes can reduce the depression. His tone is conversational; his message is direct. I plan to buy a stack of these books and hand them to men I know who need to read it"

Julie McIntyre, LCSW, MSW

Clinical social worker for the Department of Psychiatry and Emergency Medicine at the University of North Carolina Hospitals.  Past director of the Crisis Stabilization Service.  Retired.

"Dr. Horwitz’s powerful, no-nonsense guide for men experiencing severe depression is written with sincerity and compassion as he navigates a subject too often ignored.  Depression is a serious illness and one of the top risk factors for suicide. Horwitz’s passion for this subject can be seen on each page as he provides practical, solution-based options for those struggling with the 'beast.'  It is, without a doubt, a book to share with your colleagues, clients, and loved-ones.”

David K. Donlon, LCSW

President of the American Academy of Psychotherapists. Psychotherapist in Chapel Hill, NC for 35 years.

“This brilliantly designed book could only have been written by a psychotherapist who has spent thousands of hours talking with men about depression. Dr. Horwitz has achieved remarkable things here. He has distilled the relevant research, and presented it in a straight-forward, short, but comprehensive form. The ideas are sound and easy to understand while never being oversimplified. This book provides a source of hope without ever underestimating the size of the challenge of overcoming depression. I think anyone who works with men in any capacity will want a stack of these to present at the right moments.”

Rev. Dr. Steven A. Ingram, DMin, LPCC, Pastoral Counselor

Practicing Pastoral Counselor in Ohio for more than 28 years.  Diplomat in the American Association of Pastoral Counselors. 

"Depression—we know it’s there but we can’t see it.  Jonas Horwitz gives us a brilliant way to “see” and deal with our depression. Revealing how we unwittingly feed a beast that weighs us down, Dr. Horwitz provides a way into – and through – the shadows of depression. Look through the windows of this book, as I have, and let go of helplessness and get on with meaningful living.”

Dr. Wendy Kliewer, PhD

Professor and former chair in the department of psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University. Her current program of research focuses on risk and resilience in youth and families confronting stressful circumstances.

“This book, How to Stop Feeling so Damn Depressed: The No BS Guide for Men, by Dr. Jonas A. Horwitz, is just that: a common-sense, direct, honest, easy-to-read guide for men suffering from severe, debilitating, chronic depression.

From the opening paragraph Dr. Horwitz communicates directly to the men he is writing for in a way that makes it clear he is all about teaching men specific strategies they can use to gain control over their depression, which he calls “The Beast.” His guide is creative, personal, educational, practical, and guided by research and years of experience as a therapist.

Peppered throughout the guide are small tips on what men can do to upset the Beast. Horwitz’ guide touches on every aspect of depression and uses real world examples, which brings the material alive.

This is a very practical guide, but it also is balanced because Horwitz realizes that reading the guide is not enough for the severely depressed man. The guide closes with a discussion of psychotherapy and antidepressant medication.

I highly recommend this delightful and practical work – for both men and women – who are suffering with severe depression.”

How Is This Book Different?

  • Dr. Horwitz knows that many of the men who are reading this are feeling awful and may be having difficulty concentrating so it is written in a clear, straight forward manner and uses dozens of original illustrations.
  • It is not an overwhelming academic text book that summarizes all of the treatments used for depression. Those books are important, but they are not what a man needs when he is in pain.
  • The book teaches a man direct strategies and actions which will help him to start feeling better.

About The Author:  Jonas A. Horwitz, PhD

Dr. Horwitz is a Clinical Psychologist in private practice in Durham, NC where he sees individuals, couples, and leads interpersonal process groups for men.

He attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he earned a B.A. in psychology. In 2005, he was awarded a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. He is a board certified Licensed Psychologist as well as a member of the American Psychological Association, the North Carolina Psychology Association, and The American Academy of Psychotherapists.

When not in the office, he enjoys long distance running as well as backpacking in the Appalachian mountains, along with his family, who are always kind and wait for him to catch up.

Why Did He Write This Book?

Over the years, Dr. Horwitz has seen many men with horrible depression, and one of the ways he has tried to augment the psychotherapy he does with them is to suggest books that may be helpful. The problem he has encountered is NOT that there is a lack of good books on depression, but rather that he can’t get his patients to read them.

For example, to the right of his office chair, there is a large book case in which he keeps copies of treatment books on depression. Often, however, when he is working with a depressed man, he will reach for a copy of one of these books and hand it to his patient. is the problem: Time and again, just as he is handing him the book, the patient will look at the size of it, grimace, and then shrink back into the couch. The problem is that those books are simply too big and too comprehensive. 

That may sound silly at first, but from a severely depressed patient’s perspective he knows there is just no way he is going to be able to read it. Given that one of the primary symptoms of severe depression is impaired concentration, as well as lack of motivation, it's hard to blame him.

How To Stop Feeling So Damn Depressed has been specifically written for men who are feeling absolutely awful. The book utilizes dozens of original illustrations and language that speaks directly to the experience of men who are barely hanging on.